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Gender-Based Violence impacts Female, Male, Children, the elderly and those with disabilities reaching into all homes, but is enough done to combat it? The physiological impact lasts for days, weeks and even a lifetime.  

standunitedsa.org/report-a-gbv-incident/ triggers a “SILENT” alert to the Gender-Based Violence Command Centre reported by the victim or a loved one. Victims usually cannot make a phone call to report an incident and the Gender-Based Violence Command Centre is inundated with calls 24/7. 

The Victims also don’t usually know what to do or next steps to follow to get help in the time of need. This is why we created this much needed portal. Instructions are sent to the victim, what to do, how to obtain a protection order and which steps to follow next. 


StandUnitedSA’s VISION is clear and precise – Every Life Matters! - Create awareness, provide a source and a voice on how to deal with Gender-Based Violence and Bullying. Rally support expand the voice to those impacted. It might seem simple but the task at hand is great and we cannot do it alone. 

The loss mentioned to the economy includes increase in health cost, lack of justice for the individual and family, loss in individual earnings, loss in business revenue and taxes due to the victims absence (physical and emotional) and second generation costs of which includes the children witnessing and living with violence which increases juvenile and eventually adult crime. 

Children witnessing these events do not know how to deal with it and their outlet is to mimic what they deem as normal at school amongst friends which contribute towards bullying, drug / alcohol abuse and ultimately crime increases, all so that victim can cope with the pain. Mothers take a leap of faith and in being brave they leave their abusers, this unfortunately results in Individuals going missing and their children being kidnapped from their mothers. 

It takes gaining the knowledge and applying the education learnt as well as an unrivalled bravery for a victim to escape this pandemic, a loved one to speak up, a teacher, a friend, a country to Stand United. It takes a few good men and women to stand united to impact a generation and generations to come.

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