Action Breaks Silence Youth Ambassador Programme

The Action Breaks Silence Youth Ambassador Programme is designed, led and delivered by youth. It's aim is to take social action, freeing girls from all forms of gender-based violence, and from the threat of such violence, in schools and youth relationships. The programme allows progression to other opportunities and is embedded in young people's lives. Action Breaks Silence is a small charity, so the impact of the youth voice is not only needed, but will add significant value and impact to the charity as a whole. 

Educate: raising awareness of what happens surrounding gender-based violence within young people’s lives, and educating those within their school, including conversations with parents/caregivers. This can be done through social media or simply through arranging a safe place for open discussions. The youth ambassadors will also lead on evolving all Action Breaks Silence Programmes to ensure they are currant and youth relevant.

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