Our Ground-breaking Schools Programme for Children in Grade 5 -6

This is a 2 Phase programme where our Empowerment through Self-Defence Programme and our Hero Empathy Programme is taught to 9 to 12 year old girls and boys. Each girl and each boy will be taught for 12 hours over a two-year period. 6 hours when they are in the first year and a further 6-hours one year later.

The Hero Empathy Programme for boys, is a behaviour-focused interactive programme. It is specifically designed to encourage boys to play a part in ending violence against women by breaking down gender-stereotypes, understanding their own masculinity and building feelings of empathy towards women and girls. The longer-term aim is to prevent abusive or violent behaviour towards women and girls. The girls and boys are initially taught separately but in week six and twelve they come together.
Both workshops include content which builds a sense of self-esteem and self-love in the participants.

This new approach will also provide an opportunity for longitudinal academic research on the impact of our work.

As part of our mission to create safer communities, each school will be seen as the centre of a micro-community with the ABS programme involving Head Teachers, parents and the wider community in our work.

This creates an awareness of the need to eradicate gender-based violence in their own communities and give them a platform to engage.
Schools Programme

Central to the work that we do in SA is our ground-breaking schools programme

South Africa has one of the highest reported rates of gender-based violence in the world. Research shows a significant link between children witnessing and experiencing violence and later perpetration of violence by men on women. 

Similarly, research has shown that poverty increases the risk of intimate partner violence as inequality is a high-risk factor. 

Since a principal factor of violence against women is that children have experienced violence, a strong focus is needed on early year interventions with children to reduce and prevent violence against women in South Africa.

(Mathews, S; Govender, R; Lamb, G (2016). Understanding of the direct and indirect determinants of violence against women and children in South Africa. University of Cape Town: Safety and Violence Initiative)

Schools Programme

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