Create a South Africa where women and girls can live their lives free from fear of gender-based violence

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• Maximise your Government and regulatory requirement
• Meet your corporate transformation objectives
• Increase your marketing and brand awareness
• Make a measurable and sustainable social impact and meet your CSR/CRI targets
• Create a sustainable BBBEE partnership
• Offer employee volunteering including team-building opportunities
• Tax deductible status

Corporate Partnership Testimonial | Charity of the Year 2016 to 2017

“FTI London thoroughly enjoyed being the 2016 charity partner for Action Breaks Silence (ABS); a tiny charity with a huge heart.

We raised over £32,000, the most we have ever raised for a charity and praise must go to Debi and the ABS team, whose enthusiasm and warmth inspired our staff to believe that they could make a huge difference to those in need… We would highly recommend Action Breaks Silence as a charity partner.”

Julia Sherlock, COO of FTI Consulting
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SA Registered NPC with CIPC No: 2016/509280/08
SA NPO 183-827; PBO 930057482
Level 1 BBBEE

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