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Action Breaks Silence is an educational charity, established to create a world where women and girls can live their lives free from the fear of gender-based violence and the threat of such violence.

To achieve this, a multi-pronged approach is adopted and actioned through the delivery of the Action Breaks Silence Community Intervention in schools’ settings. Our Founder & CEO, Debi Steven (MA, London Met, School of Social Sciences specialising in Women and Child Abuse) has worked alongside an international community of activists, academics and youth to design the Community Intervention aimed at profoundly changing the narrative on GBV. A whole schools approach , (developed by Ava) is used to engage, educate and empower ‘’all members of the school community, including school governors, senior management, staff, students and parents’’ to end GBV in schools and the surrounding communities.

The Action Breaks Silence Community Intervention which tackles sexual harassment and sexual violence, also includes strategies which address gender inequality and toxic masculinity that underpins this behaviour. The design and delivery of the intervention is guided by the Social Norms and Active Bystander Theories.

Action Breaks Silence Community Intervention

  • Train the Trainer Programme

  • The Empowerment through Self-Defence Workshop

  • The 12-Hour School Intervention

    o The Girls 12-hour Empowerment through Self-Defence and Active Bystander Programme

    o The Boys 12-hour Hero Empathy and Active Bystander Programme

    o The School Management / Teachers / Caregiver / Parents Empowerment through Self-Defence; and the Self-Love and Self-Competence Workshops)

  • Action Breaks Silence Youth Ambassador Programme 

Gender-Based Violence In South Africa

  • Murder rate of women increased by 117% between 2015 and 2016.
  • Sexual offences against women increased from 31 665 in 2015/16 to 70 813 in 2016/17 an increase of 53%.
  • Everyday three women die at the hands of their intimate partner in South Africa.
  • Crime statistics 2016/17: An average of 109.1 rapes are recorded each day.
  • Statistics SA victims of crime survey for 2016/17 indicates a 117% increase in sexual offence cases.
  • It is estimated that 40% of women in South Africa be raped in their lifetime.

(Source:  South Africa Government website)

Our Vision

In one generation - to make communities safer for women and girls. 

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SA Registered NPC with CIPC No: 2016/509280/08
SA NPO 183-827; PBO 930057482
Level 1 BBBEE

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Our hearts are with the families of our murdered brothers, sisters and neighbours. We condemn all racist acts and we mourn for the lives lost and damaged. Our shared work to build a world free from all forms of discrimination, free of violence against women and girls—to build a more just and equitable world—sustains us. It is our fervent hope that this moment in history will mark true change. A change that opens up new opportunities for restructuring our culture toward greater justice… where shared humanity, equal opportunity, and equal responsibility reign.